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Smaller Classes.
Greater Exposure.

When teaching students ranging from newly minted pre-schoolers to wise old eighth graders, the goals of the art program can be as varied as the number of students we see. But regardless of their ages, we foster creativity, develop fine motor skills, learn about a variety of artists and, most importantly, have a great time.

The art room is a special place where children can exercise a different part of their brains and find inspiration in unlikely places. That inspiration carriers over to their other subjects and can provide the basis for a well rounded learning environment.

Through our offerings in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, graphic design, multimedia art, and art history, the Visual Arts Department immerses our students in a creative process that encourages risk taking and self reflection. In the spring, families are invited to attend our Festival of the Arts. The Festival provides an exciting look at our extensive collection of student work.

An extension of our art program, the Art Club meets throughout the year to create student favorites such as glass fusion and clay.


Kelly Fujihira

Art Teacher

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