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The Atlanta Academy’s athletic program is an integral part of our students’ educational experience. Being part of a team teaches our students crucial skills such as cooperation, collaboration, leadership, and patience. Students are encouraged to participate in the athletics program not only to improve performance but to promote character and school spirit.

The athletic program at The Atlanta Academy is available throughout the school year for students in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades. An intramural program, golf clinic and tennis clinic are available for our younger gladiators.

Girls Basketball

Some of the most important attributes for being a GLADIATOR athlete include displaying outstanding sportsmanship, being a team player, having an outstanding work ethic and being a responsible student athlete. Leadership and respected by their faculty/peers are also important qualities.

In addition, the expectation of acquiring the basic fundamentals of the sport are critical. One of the many benefits playing sports is being prepared to be a successful, diligent and good role model for our younger students. Achieving this high level of goals will result in a positive middle school experience.

  • A Team Basketball Champions: 2011
  • A Team Basketball Runners-Up: 2011
Boys Basketball

Our program aspires to teach our players the proper offensive and defensive fundamentals of basketball. We want our players to learn how to play team basketball and work as a cohesive unit. No individual should be bigger than the team. We’ll coach our players to compete and strive to do their best while exhibiting exemplary sportsmanship.

Success of our program will not only be measured by wins and losses but most importantly by how well our student athletes have matured and demonstrated the positive, core values that they have been taught.

The primary goal of the Boys B team is to have fun and enjoy the game of basketball. Our focus is learning sound fundamentals and building teamwork skills. A willingness to work and a positive attitude are the only requirements. We will stress effort and exemplify Gladiator sportsmanship.

  • A Team Basketball Champions: 2013, 2008

Michael Deubel

Athletic Director

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